If you have an interesting challenge Prime Consulting is there to help you.  
Established in January 2018 by Sarf Ahmed, former Associate Deputy Minister in Government of B.C., Prime Consulting possesses over 40 years of international experience in private and public sector management at senior most levels. Additionally, we have access to expertise in management consulting and Human Resources through our international affiliate. We are primed to provide practical solutions and advice to support your organization.  
Particular areas of expertise are in public administration and governance, financial management, shared services, facilities management and project governance.  
In association with our affiliate organization we are uniquely positioned to help the growing Tech Sector in British Columbia find talent and expertise to meet their business needs by providing international talent to bridge the talent gap through Primehr (www.primehr.com.pk)

Make a positive difference in the lives of British Columbians through excellence in services to businesses and public sector organizations.  
We embody public service values of curiosity, passion, accountability, courage, service and team work. All with integrity in whatever assignment we undertake.

Management Consulting
Strategic advice to top decision makers, design of new public sector initiatives, trouble shooting to solve complex business problems.  
Our key expertise  
» Change Management  
» Financial Management  
» Governance of major projects 
» Vendor & Outsourcing arrangements  
» Process improvements  
» Facilities Management  
» Shared Services  
» Executive Recruitment 
» Organizational Design  

Tech Talent
Through our affiliation with Primehr (www.primehr.com.pk), we are uniquely positioned to serve the growing Tech Sector in British Columbia by providing access to international talent. 
Our key expertise  
» International Recruitment  
» Business Process Outsourcing  
» Executive Advisory Services 

General Management, Governance and Strategy
»Initiated, directed and completed operational reviews for various lines of business of Supply Services branch of Ministry of Citizens Services such as Queen’s Printer, Product Distribution Centre, Asset Investment Recovery branch resulting in operational efficiencies, modernization of business model and cost savings. 2013-2014. 
»Key participant in the development of the first ever Tech Strategy for Province of BC as a senior member of the executive team of Ministry of Technology, Innovation and Citizens Services. 2013-2016.  
»Provided strategic direction to Shared Services BC lines of business as member of the Executive team and implemented measures to manage within budgets approved by the Treasury Board. 2010-2012 
»Reviewed and aligned the client services function within Shared Services BC to meet the needs of ministry and broader public sector clients. 2010-2012 
»A key member of the Ministry of Children and Family Development executive team formed to establish Community Living BC in 2004-2005 and subsequent review of the organization in 2007-2008 

Financial Management
»Led the ministry’s financial review team constituted to conduct the Mid-term service plan review of Ministry of Children and Family Development on direction from the Treasury Board. Implemented the strategies approved by Treasury Board. 2001-2005 
»Expert at developing strategies and preparation of Treasury Board submissions for obtaining operational and capital funding as well as on administrative matters within the purview of the Treasury Board for Province of BC.1998-2018. 
»Provided guidance and oversight and obtained approval from TB for the IMIT capital funding envelope and process for Province of BC. 2012-2013 
»Participated in the development of the Capital planning process for BC govt as member of the Deputy Minister’s Committee on Capital for Province of BC. 2013-2018. Successful in establishing funding envelopes for maintenance of public infrastructure. 
»Established the financial function for Ministry of Children and Family Development on its creation in 1996-97 as key member of the Financial executive team of the ministry. 
»Provided overall direction and guidance to review the Autism funding model for Ministry of Children and Family Development in partnership with stakeholders and ensure better utilization of available funding and reduction in waitlists. 2008-2010.
»Conducted reviews of the contracting practices in Ministry of Children and Family Development and introduced outcome based contracting models for non-residential services. 2005-2009 
»Led the steering committee for renewal of facilities management contract between MCS and Brookfield GIS and improved contract terms to enhance service levels and provide cost certainty. 2011-2013 
»Led the cross government executive steering committee, developed strategies and provided overall direction for re-procurement of facilities management services for Province of BC. 2015-2018 
»Reviewed and guided development of framework for outsourcing of government services along with the ADM of Procurement and Supply Services of MCS and obtained agreement from Deputy Secretary Treasury Board Staff. 2016-2017. 

Project Management and Governance
»Provided project governance on various major Construction projects for Province of BC as either Chair or member of Project Executive Board. These included construction of the new Okanagan Correctional Centre, Expansion of the Surrey Pre-Trial Centre, Lease of the new Liquor Distribution Warehouse in Delta, Construction of the new Maples Adolescent Treatment Center at Riverview, Expansion of the Surrey Courthouse and Business case development and approval for the new Abbotsford Court House
Facilities Management
Initiated, directed and implemented the award-winning Leading Workplace Strategies for mobile work for BC Public Service starting with offices in Victoria and expanding to other parts of the province. Obtained government approvals for the strategy resulting in release of Work point document in 2012 and then provided overall guidance for completion of over 20 projects from 2012 to 2018. This has resulted in reduction of government’s real estate footprint, reduction of greenhouse gases, improved employee engagement and cost savings for the Province.
Information and Records Management
»Initiated and oversaw improvements and streamlining of processes to respond to requests for information under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act of BC. 2013-2015 
»One of the Key executive member responsible for development and approval of the Information Management Act for Province of BC 2015-2017. This act replaced outdated records management and document disposal acts from the 1930s. 

Human Resource Planning
Provided guidance, oversight and approval of organizational models for Real Property Division, Corporate Services Division and Procurement & Supply Divisions of MCS to meet changing business needs. 2010-2018. 
• Experienced in recruitment of senior executives for Province of BC. Led or participated in recruitment panels for Assistant Deputy Ministers and Executive Directors. 2005-2018. 

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